Mathematical Dictionary - Letter C (continued)

Mathematical Dictionary - Letter C (continued)

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COMBINATION - A branch of mathematics that analyzes different ways of grouping the elements of a set and calculating the number of these groupings.

COMPASS - Drawing instrument used to draw circumferences.

COMPENSATION - A way of making an estimate where you can adjust an underestimated (below value) or overestimated (above value) result to get an approximate result closer to reality.

LENGTH - Measure one line. It can be the measurement of the side of a polygon, the edge of a spatial figure, etc.

COMMUNICATION - Law that allows changing the order of the terms of an addition or multiplication without changing the result.

A + B = B + A
A × B = B × A

CONCENTRIC - Concentric figures are those that have the same center.

CONE - A spatial figure having (generally) a circular base delimited by a curved surface obtained by rotating a line around a fixed axis, these two lines intersecting at the apex of the cone.

CONGRUENCE - Characteristic of what is congruent.

CONGRUENT - Congruent figures are those that have the same shape and the same size.

CONJUGATE - In addition a + b, is called the addition a-b. In complex numbers, a + bi has as a conjugate a-bi.

SET - It's a collection of elements. Between a set and the objects there is a pertinence relation, that is, when an object x is one of the elements of the set A, we say that x belongs to A.

ADDITIONAL ASSEMBLY - The complement of set A in the universe Uses the set that results from the exclusion of U from all elements of A.

CONSECUTIVE - Consecutive numbers are numbers that follow. For example, 4, 5, and 6 are consecutive numbers.

CONSTANT - A value that does not change. In the formula v = 4t + 2. 4 and 2 are constants, v and t are variables. But constants can also be represented by letters.

TELL - Associate objects in a unique way with natural numbers.

CONTRADOMAIN OF A FUNCTION It is the set of images given by the function, that is, the set of values ​​of the dependent variable. Represented by CD or Df '.

COORDINATES IN THE PLAN - The coordinates of a point in the plane are identified by an ordered pair P = (x, y) of numbers, which serve to determine the position of this point in relation to the considered system of axes. The first coordinate x of the ordered pair is the abscissa and the second coordinate y and the ordered.

ROPE - Two points A and B belonging to a curve define a line segment AB called a rope.

COROLLARY - Immediate consequence of a theorem.

Cosine (Waistband) - In a right-angled triangle, the cosine of an acute angle is the quotient between the adjacent side of the angle and the hypotenuse. As for example: cos 0 ° = 1, cos 90 ° = 0.

Cryptogram - A game in which digits are replaced by letters or other symbols of an arithmetic operation.

CUBE - A rectangular prism that has six square faces. Each set of three edges is at a point called the vertex and two of these edges always form a right angle. The six faces are parallel two by two.

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