How many decimal places of the number Pi are known?

How many decimal places of the number Pi are known?

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Eight trillion decimal places of Pi are now known, calculated by the University of Santa Clara, California. Check the table below for the Pi decimal places records that have been established over time.

MathematicalYearDecimal Houses
Egyptians1650 A.C.1
Archimedes250 A.C.3
Zu Chongzhi480 AD7
Ghiyath al-Kashi142416
Ludolph van Ceulen159635
Georg von Vega1794126
William Shanks1874527
Levi B. Smith, John W. Wrench19491.120
Daniel Shanks, John W. Wrench1961100.265
Jean Guilloud, M. Bouyer19731.000.000
Yasumasa Kanada, Sayaka Yoshino, Yoshiaki Tamura198216.777.206
Yasumasa Kanada, Yoshiaki Tamura, Yoshinobu Kubo1987134.217.700
Yasumasa Kanada, Daisuke Takahashi199751.539.600.000
Yasumasa Kanada, Daisuke Takahashi1999206.158.430.000
Yasumasa Kanada20021.
Daisuke Takahashi20092.576.980.370.000
Fabrice Bellard20102.699.999.990.000
Shigeru Kondo & Alexander Yee20105.
Shigeru Kondo & Alexander Yee201110.
Santa Clara University20138.

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