The 100 Trillion Dollar Bill

The 100 Trillion Dollar Bill

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Have you ever seen a 100 trillion dollar bill? If you think it doesn't exist, just look at the photo below. These dollars come from the Republic of Zimbabwe, an African country.

But don't think you would get rich if you had such a note. On the contrary, maybe he couldn't even buy a bottle of water.

This is due to the devaluation of Zimbabwe dollars being withdrawn from the market. The central bank of the African country decided to withdraw its currency from circulation after losing almost all of its value as a result of a rampant inflation process that led to the generalization of the Zimbabwean trillion dollar bills.

This process is called demonetizing the country. Although the withdrawal of the currency began a short time ago, in practice for many years most transactions in the country are already done in US dollars or South African rand.