Taritas Archites

Taritas Archites

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Taritas Archites was born in 428 BC in Taranto, a Greek colonial city in southern Italy, and died in 365 BC. He was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, musician and politician. Legitimate representative of the Pythagorean school and of Platonic character, was one of those responsible for fundamental changes in mathematics of the fifth century BC.

He believed that number was the most important in life and mathematics, but he predicted a future where geometry would stand out. In politics has always been reelected. He loved children for whom he used to invent toys, such as the invention of the first flying toy: the dove (400 BC).

He wrote about the uses of arithmetic and geometric averages, interactive methods for determining square roots, and also about analytical geometry and introduced the study of harmonic mean in music. Concerning music, he wrote Harmony, from which we know some fragments, and always found it more important than literature in the teaching of children, within an educational nucleus called quadrivium, formed by arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. His ideas contributed to mathematics becoming a basic subject in today's education.