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Mathematical Challenges

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Check out all our challenges below. See also the book with the main challenges and puzzles of the site Just Math, all with the comments commented. Ask yours now!

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Displaying 193 challenges of all levels: Challenge 1
The Problem of Ages Challenge 2
Combinatorial Analysis Challenge 3
Age Ratio Challenge 4
How many triangles? Challenge 5
How much money? Challenge 6
What's the number? Challenge 7
Where is it? Challenge 8
On the old board game Challenge 9
Ducks and Dogs Challenge 10
How many pages does the book have? Challenge 11
Find the values ​​of x, y and z Challenge 12
Escalator Challenge 13
Lady's Age Challenge 14
Wine Bottles Challenge 15
Check Filling Error Continues after advertising Challenge 16
Pie Cutting Challenge 17
Multiple 1998 Challenge 18
Straight Balls Challenge 19
Form the number 24 Challenge 20
Root greater than number Challenge 21
Maria and Manuel Challenge 22
How many seconds? Challenge 23
How many pages does the book have? Challenge 24
Put the soldiers in lines Challenge 25
Number that makes the equation true Challenge 26
Bricks in the Truck Challenge 27
What is the division quotient? Challenge 28
Possible values ​​for x? Challenge 29
The Number 1234512345123451234512345 Challenge 30
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Do you know any mathematical challenges that could be published here? Send for us!



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