Mathematics is a determinant in your life

Mathematics is a determinant in your life

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We are all born as a result
From a system of equations.
Believe me,
We are nature's most perfect ordered pair.
We carry characteristics of our parents y, and our mothers x.
They were millions of sperm pre-destined for the egg.
An almost infinite sample space…
But you're only here today because you were the best mathematician there.
For you have won an extraordinary probability.

We live as a function of time
That we are given.
There are several types of people,
Those who find great love and are faithful to him
For life, they are the "injectors".
For each person, there is another correspondent.

Say you don't understand math
It is absurd because you are a mathematical example.
It doesn't matter if you can't solve a logarithm,
Matter how much you are capable
To recognize mathematical concepts around you.

BAD terialize your dreams and
YOU courage to expose his
BAD way of facing reality. Love to
YOU same.
HERE mine without fear of falling.

Enjoy it because the world is mathematical.

Elaine Rodrigues
Jequié (BA)