Mathematics and love

Mathematics and love

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I won't say that I love
I won't say no either
The equation solves everything
Fewer things from the heart

Feeling is not measured
Size or area can be calculated
Even though it's bigger than the world
A little heart can hold

Love is infinite
Even when the chance tends to zero
For the dream there is no limit
When the heart is sincere

In the sand I wrote your name
And I saw the winding wave erase
Now we have a secret
Me, you… sand and sea

I don't expect you to say yes
No, you don't have to say it either
I just want to remember your eyes and
Beautiful words write you

Playing with numbers is good
There is always a limit to overcome
For words there are limits
That I will know how to obey

I know we won't be together anymore
We will only walk side by side
May you always remember fondly
From your passionate fan
José L. Bonfim


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