Unit Transformation

Unit Transformation

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In the transformation of units of capacity, in the decimal metric system, we must remember that each unit of capacity is 10 times larger than the unit immediately below.

Note the following transformation:

  • transform 3.19 l to ml.


To transform l to ml (three positions à right) we must multiply by 1,000 (10x10x10).

3.19 x 1,000 = 3,190 ml

Practice it! Try to solve these exercises:

1) Turn 7.15 kl into dl (R: 71.500 dl)
2) Turn 6.5 hl into l (R: 650 l)
3) Turn 90.6 ml into l (R: 0.0906 l)
4) Express in liters the value of the expression: 0,6m3 + 10 dal + 1 hr (R: 800 l)

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