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Challenge 138

Five-digit number Difficulty level: There is a five-digit number where the fifth digit is half of the fourth and a fourth of the third digit. The third digit is half of the first and double of the fourth. The second digit is three times the fourth and has five units more than the fifth. What is this number?
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Equating love

Considering the following statement: Love is the product of a man with a woman. Calling me (the man) a and you (the woman) b, we have: love = a * b Now, if we add the second potency of man with the second potency of woman and the love of each one we will form the perfect square trinomial: a * a + 2 * a * b + b * b However, if we extract the square root of this equation, only you and I will be left, that is, a + b will be left, because (a + b) * (a + b) = a * a + 2 * a * b + b * b.
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This is the root Eta little name But don't worry no And don't be shy. Pay attention my friend I'll give you the recipe To apply the properties And see how it is done. If the index is the same Keep the same root Whatever it is Write it down Say it See the operation A lot of learner attention If it is multiplication Throw into the root.
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